River Port

“Logistics in Motion”

A Riverport in East Tennessee? Absolutely!

At Mile 652 on the Tennessee River, Burkhart Enterprises offers its clients a gateway to world commerce. The BEI barge terminal transfers approximately 500,000 tons of bulk commodities per year.
The loaded barges that arrive are off loaded using two large excavators equipped with clamshell buckets. A 1250 Komatsu & a 1000 Komatsu. A 100 ton Northwest crane is also available for the more heavy lifting.Various other equipment such as loaders, tandem trucks & fork lifts augment the barging operation.
Over the years, barging has been the preferred method for transporting bulk material. It is estimated that large quantities of cargo can be moved by barge for one-third the cost of rail & one-fifth the cost of trucking. Barging cargo demonstrates “Economy of Scale”. One eight barge tow, the standard on the Tennessee River, equals 466 semi-trailer loads.




Komatsu 1250

Click to view pdf document of the Komatsu 1250



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